Lethbridge North County Water Co-op Information

Mission Statement


The Lethbridge North County Potable Water Co-op shall endeavor to supply potable water to all residents of the Lethbridge North County, who wish to be supplied, at the most reasonable cost as can be achieved, for the good of all.

Postal Strike Preparations



Due to a potential & likely postal strike with Canada Post, the LNCPWC needs to prepare an efficient way to send invoices/statements & receive payments, that are typically submitted through Canada Post.


If you are currently receiving your invoices/statements through Canada Post, we would love to email them to you instead. If the email option works for you, please let us know which email address we should send them to, in order to get them to you in a timely manner. Thank you!


Payment Options:

For making payments, many of our members are already set up using our automatic payment option. This is where the Co-op automatically takes your payments from your acct on a set date each month. If this is an option that might work for you, please contact us with your bank details (a VOID cheque works) & we will set you up with pre-authorized payments.


The LNCPWC will also accept e-transfer payments…you can email your payment to us from your bank. We ask that you set up the security password to be the word “water”, or something that is obvious for us, so that we can easily receive the funds you are sending.


If necessary, dropping your cheque payment off to one of our home office addresses is also acceptable. Please hand deliver your payments to…

1417 - 25 Avenue North, Lethbridge, T1H 4N8, or

106 Canyoncrest Court West, Lethbridge, T1K 7Y4.


If you have any questions, please contact us…

Bookkeeper, Marcella Klein at 403-329-8191, or myself




Rae Lynne Friesen – LNCPWC Administrator

Office (403) 381-4789

Fax (403) 381-4780

Cell (403) 382-8460

Alberta Health Services Information

In the event that contaminates enter your cistern & potable water supply...please review the cistern cleaning details provided by Alberta Health Services. 



As of May 2018

Newly Elected, Mr. Andy Van Essen

Rob Boras

Murray Kester

Dirk Van Der Kooij

Thank you Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen, for your many years of service as an executive Board member for the LNCPWC. It is great you are still a Director & thank you to the other Directors for continuing to serve.

Thank you Andy, for stepping into the big role of President. Thanks Rob, Dirk & Murray, for continuing on!!

AGM 2018

The Lethbridge North County Potable Water Co-op would like to thank all those who attended. Many interesting details & developments were shared with a small group of attending members. We have completed construction of all phases, with only a handful of connections left to service, before we are completely operational. We are adding new members & units by request only. The Co-op is in great shape & will continue to work hard, providing quality water service to all their members in the North County of Lethbridge. If interested, there are still water units available for purchase. 


We regretfully had to say a final farewell to Mr. Larry Peterson (Former President, Vice-President & Director for 15 years). 15 years seemed to be a good milestone & opportunity to step away from the Co-op. Starting up the Co-op back in 2003 (with other individuals interested in acquiring potable water delivery to their properties in the North County of Lethbridge), Larry had a vision that became a reality for many in 2010. The first pipeline service was installed as far away as Turin, AB, and even a few services to members in the MD of Taber. Unfortunately, Larry & his wife Sandi, were one of the last members to acquire water in their area, but Larry's dream came to fruition for him in 2015, and it was well worth the wait. The Co-op is so very grateful for his hours of dedication & commitment to this project, as it is now one of the largest Water Co-ops in the province today. His knowledge & desire to accomplish great things for the good of the membership, along side the Co-op team, has brought us to where we are today. 

We also say farewell to Mr. Jack Feenstra. Jack also served for many years on the Board & even continued to serve after he sold his property within the Co-op & was no longer a member. Thank you Jack for many years of service, your time, & voice on the Board. Your commitment to this project is greatly appreciated. 



Customers in the LNCPWC should be aware that the LNCPWC has installed pressure and chlorine sensing monitors in the co-op distribution system. The monitors are telling us many interesting things with respect to the daily use and flow of water.

Chlorine readings indicate that there is an appropriate amount of chlorine in the water to protect against any of the bad things we do not want to see in the water supply. That’s good news and allows us to speak confidently that we are supplying high quality water.

The pressure component of the monitors, show some interesting results that are present by design. One good example is in the Monarch Phases along the west side of #3 Highway. This area experiences a reduction of pressure from 60psi down to about 40psi daily. This has to do with the supply line that includes service to the hamlet of Monarch.

The other interesting component is the ability to see the flushing processes in place when the County personnel collect chlorine and bacteriological samples daily for reporting to Alberta Environment under our contract with Lethbridge County. The pressure drop and duration are very evident, and I am able to compare their report to the data from the monitors in those areas, and see the one to one correlation of date and time. This brings me to yet another component of system pressure monitoring, which is tampering, and the bypassing of our emitter systems...





We can see what is happening day or night, 24/7. We know when water theft is occurring.

Most recently, this has been occurring in an area east of the town of Picture Butte.

All members have signed agreements with the Co-op and are fully aware that tampering with the emitter is forbidden. An advance call, text or email must be placed to 403-380-6918 or lncpwc.operations@gmail.com. Permission is required before you touch the emitter - no exceptions. Tampering causes very serious impacts to the distribution system. It can result in extreme loss of pressures to any end of line members and should a pressure reading fall to the point of zero pressure, the situation must be reported to Alberta Environment who may issue a boil water directive. 

Members caught will be charged a $500 Tampering Fee, plus operations costs, and additional water charges as determined by the LNCPWC Board. A second offence will result in permanently disconnecting your membership and source of water.


Why would anyone tamper, when service calls are FREE if our equipment is at fault?

 Below are two graphic examples from our monitors: 



Martin Nordstrom  - Operations Manager

PHONE 403-380-6918

Email  lncpwc.operations@gmail.com

AGM - March 30, 2017

We had a wonderful AGM meeting on March 30, 2017 at the Diamond City Hall. Our membership must be satisfied with the works of the Board of Directors & staff, as we had a small attendance again this year. 

The Lethbridge North County Potable Water Co-op would like to thank all those who attended. We regretfully had to say a final farewell to Dr. Bill Hamman, who has decided, after over 13 years, to step away from the Co-op as Director. Bill was recently the Treasurer of the Co-op & in years past he was also President & Vice-president. He was a valuable asset to the Co-op, and we are grateful for all that Bill did over the years. His knowledge & desire to accomplish great things for the good of the membership, have brought us to where we are today. We have completed construction of all phases, with only a handful of connections left to service, before we are completely operational & adding new members & units by request. The Co-op is in great shape & will continue to work hard, providing quality water service to all their members in the North County of Lethbridge. 

MONARCH PHASE 3 Extension Is Underway!

It is official...The LNCPWC just finished it's major construction on the last & final phase (Monarch Phase 3). We have worked diligently over the years to service all our members (in stages),and we thank you all for your patience as we facilitated the pipeline project over the past 8 years of construction). Our "Pipe Dream" is an official REALITY in all areas!!!

NOVEMBER 2016 - Monarch Phase 3 (our final leg of major construction) has begun. 
The members that are located on the west side of Highway 3 near Coalhurst will be grateful & eager for their long awaited potable water service. Our "Pipe Dream" has become a reality!! Special thanks to the long time service of our volunteer Board members, the expertise of our Operator Martin Nordstrom & the construction team from Syn-Core Drilling. 

Current LNCPWC President Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen, Past President & current Board Member, Larry Peterson, and Past President & current Treasurer, Bill Hamman are all smiles as they pose with Operator Martin Nordstrom & the Team from Syn-Core Drilling. 


Thank you to all those who attended the LNCPWC Annual General Meeting 
on Wednesday, March 30th 
We greatly appreciate the members who come out & contribute ideas, & bring forth their questions. If you missed the meeting but would like to ask a question or offer up suggestions/ideas, please feel free to contact the office at 403-381-4789 or email lncpwc@telus.net. We would love to hear from you!

President's Report 2016

I believe this is a good news report. The primary construction plan of Lethbridge North County Potable Water Co-op is inching closer to substantial completion. This past January service to phase 2 of Monarch was completed and dare I say 2016 could be the year when we achieve service to all members who originally signed up when the Co-op came into existence in 2009. It looks like we will be able to proceed with construction of the final phase of Monarch this fall. Construction costs continue to come in below anticipated levels due in large part to the great work that our operator (Marty) and the main contractor (Syn-Core Directional) have done. The fact that we are not using Govt. money allows us to be more flexible; aiding in keeping costs in check.

 As you will see later in the Audit and Budget reports, we continue to operate on solid financial ground.  Your curb stop fees will continue at 2015 levels even though we are incurring an increase in the cost of water from the water commission.

Once again a big thanks to the people who do the day to day tasks of the Co-op: Rae Lynne, Marty and Marcella. We are truly fortunate to have a team of individuals who are dedicated to the success of our organization.

 Also your volunteer board does a great job of dealing with issues in a transparent and consistent manner. Thanks gentlemen!


Respectfully submitted,

Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen


Larry & Sandi Peterson have been hauling their drinking water for over 35 years. With no other water supply (ie: a well or irrigation), that was the only way to acquire the water where they lived. Larry worked hard to get potable water delivery to his home (over 12 years, firstly as President of the LNCPWC, and later as Director on the board)...After the Co-op successfully serviced many other members in the North County of Lethbridge, Larry Peterson, it is FINALLY your turn to enjoy the benefits & blessings of city water delivery to your home (without having to haul it to get it). Congratulations!!!

Monarch (Phase 1) Ground Breaking

Clint Capton & the boys from Syn-Core share in the Co-op excitement as Past President, Larry Peterson & Vice President, Rob Boras "break ground" in preparation for the water service in Phase 1 of the Monarch addition. 

Information Update, March 2015

Operations & Admin Contact Information

For Operations Assistance (or if you are experiencing issues with your water service) 
please contact Marty Nordstrom at 403-380-6918, or email lncpwc.operations@gmail.com

For Admin Assistance (or account related assistance), 
please contact Rae Lynne Friesen at 403-381-4789, or email lncpwc@telus.net
Set up to pay your account annually or semi-annually. 
Auto-Debit is also an option...ask us how. 
Save Costs & Paper: Please let us know if we can email 
your statements to you, instead of using Canada Post. 

Monarch 3 Phases

Monarch Phase 1

As of Dec. 2014
The City of Lethbridge Water Commission has finally granted us access to the main line that runs from Coalhurst to Monarch & we are now able to connect some long waiting members to the LNCPWC water service. We anticipate construction of Phase 1 (of 3 phases) to begin early in the new year. Since we are currently at capacity with members on this line, there are no additional units currently available, This could change should the water commission grant us additional capacity for any new/future hook-ups. All those members who have been waiting 10+ years for the service, we thank you for your patience, and we look forward to finally bringing potable water, via pipeline delivery, to your area. 

Haarman Memorial

On Monday, June 9th, 2014 the LNCPWC held a tree planting ceremony for the Haarman families. It was a pleasure to honor such wonderful people who dedicated much of their time to the efforts of the LNCPWC water project. In honor of John & Nel Haarman, the Co-op placed a bench & planted a tree at the Diamond City park, where their memory will be honored for many years to come. 

AHS Water Disinfecting Information

How Do I Disinfect My Private Water Supply After it has Flooded?

What do I do if my well has flooded or might be contaminated?

If you have an untreated water well, do not drink the water if it:
  • has flooded (or rained very heavy)
  • might be contaminated


After the flood waters go down, you need to disinfect the well and test the water to make sure it is safe to use. If you think (or have been told) your water is not safe, use bottled, boiled, or distilled water to:
  • drink
  • cook
  • prepare any food
  • wash your hands
  • bathe or shower
  • brush your teeth


How can I make my private water supply safe?

If you think (or have been told) your water supply is contaminated with chemicals, the ways to disinfect it listed below might not make your water safe to drink. You need to get water from a safe source (e.g., bottled water).

Until your well is disinfected and tested, you need to treat your water with boiling, chlorination, or iodine crystals until it is safe to drink.

How do I disinfect my water with boiling?

You need to prepare the water ahead of time and cool it before you can use it.

  1. Put some water in a clean cooking container (e.g., pot). If the water is cloudy, strain it with a coffee filter.
  2. Bring the water to a rolling boil for at least 1 minute.
  3. Cool the water in the fridge overnight.

How do I disinfect my water with chlorination?

You can chlorinate your water using water purification tablets or bleach.

Water Purification Tablets

You can buy water purification tablets from most outdoor supply or camping stores. Follow the directions on the package.


To chlorinate your water using bleach you will need these supplies:
  • 1 litre container
  • medicine dropper
  • unscented, household bleach (5.25 percent strength)


If your water is clear:

  1. Add 2 drops of bleach to 1 litre of water.
  2. Mix the water thoroughly and let it stand for 30 minutes. If there is a slight chlorine smell and the water looks clear, it is safe to drink.
If your water is cloudy:
  1. Add 4 drops bleach to 1 litre of water.
  2. Mix the water thoroughly and let it stand for 30 minutes. If there is no chlorine smell, add 4 more drops of bleach and let the water stand for another 30 minutes.

How do I disinfect my water with iodine crystals?

You can buy iodine crystals from most outdoor supply or camping stores. Do not use iodine for more than 3 weeks per summer (in controlled doses), as there is a risk of thyroid problems or iodine sensitivity. Do not drink water disinfected with iodine if you:
  • are pregnant
  • have a thyroid problem
  • are hypersensitive to iodine


To disinfect water with iodine, you will need these supplies:
  • 1 litre container
  • 30 mL clear glass bottle
  • storage container for water (after it is disinfected)
  • elemental iodine crystals


  1. Make an iodine solution. Put 4 to 8 grams of iodine crystals in the glass bottle. Fill the bottle with water and shake it. Let it settle. This solution can cause very bad problems if swallowed all at once. Keep the solution away from children.
  2. Put 1 litre of water in the storage container.
  3. Add 15 mL of the iodine solution (do not transfer solid crystals from the glass bottle to the water in the storage container).
  4. Let the water stand for 15 minutes.
  5. You can repeat these steps using the same iodine solution as long as there are iodine crystals still in the clear glass bottle. 

If you have any questions about your water, call Environmental Public Health.

April 2014 Co-op Update

Thank you to all who attended our Annual General Meeting that was held on April 2, 2014. We had 35 people come out & we are extremely glad that the membership is confident in the abilities of your Co-op board of directors, and their abilities to manage & operate a successful operation. 
The Board of Directors has been reduced from 13 to 11, and the Executive Directors were nominated & voted in as follows...

Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen, PRESIDENT
Bill Hamman, TREASURER
Dirk Vander Kooij, SECRETARY

2014 AGM - President's Report


President’s Report

2013 has come and gone and what a year it has been. The year at the co-op has been just as tumultuous as the rest of the world around us.

In April of 2013 we lost a long time Board member and tireless supporter of the Co-op, John Haarman. What a loss this has been for us as I’m sure it has been for his family as well. John’s knowledge of the intricacies of our water system is missed often. In honour of John and Nell’s exemplary contribution to the success of our co-op we are planning a memorial which will be located at the Diamond City park.

In June our operations and maintenance manager Brett Schafer moved on after two years of exceptional service to the co-op. We thank Brett and wish him well in the future. In September, after an extended search for a qualified Operations and Maintenance technician we hired Martin Nordstrom. Many of you have already met Marty and we believe he is a great addition to our diligent and efficient North County Water Co-op staff.  During the absence of the Operations person we contracted the services of Ken Vandenbroek (Mini-Ex). Thanks to Ken for helping us during this transition period.

We have now had a full year of regular operation and have a good idea of what the operating budget will look like going forward. In July we implemented rate increases for our members. There was some push back from membership but by and large members seem to be satisfied with the value they get from the service we provide. Good news is that we have met with County officials who set the price we are charged for our water; and it looks like there will be no increase in what we are charged this year so… no change for costs to our members.

Looking forward, we are anticipating The City of Lethbridge will give us the go-ahead to use the water for the Monarch phase; in the near future. Drawings are nearly complete and pending a few late easement signings we anticipate construction on phase one to begin early to mid-summer which will enable some of our more senior members to have access to water by fall. There is still a good possibility of some government funding to help ensure the project will be financially sound.

The recent water quality scare with our water supplier; the City of Lethbridge, did affect us as well. AHS did issue a boil water order for our Co-op as a precautionary measure due to possible contamination of our distribution lines during the depressurization of our system. Thanks to all our co-op members for their patience and understanding as we went through this event. Thankfully it does not appear that there was ever any contamination as all tests came back clear. On the positive side for us it was a test, giving us an opportunity to improve our response should there ever be a more serious breach of our system. A huge Thank you must go out to Rae Lynne, Marty & some of the Board members who once again responded above and beyond during this event. Thank you must also go out to the County employees who helped us deal with this as well.

I would like to recognize the support we get from Lethbridge County for the operation of our organization. We had a great working relationship with former County Manager Dennis Shigematsu and by all indications it appears this will continue with new Manager, Rick Robinson, along with his administration and County Council.

I would also like to thank the rest of the board of directors, for your contributions this past year. We operate in the true spirit of a co-op. 

Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen, LNCPWC President 

Bill Payment Options

On-Line Payments
Members who bank at ATB can now go on-line to pay their monthly bill. The Lethbridge North County Potable Water Co-op has been added as a bill payee, and members will not need an account number. Please enter you account information (Name/Business) as it is on your monthly statement/invoice, and all should be fine. 
Please call the office at 403-381-4789 for more information or assistance with this process. 


As of March 19, 2014, 4:30pm

Thankful for Potable Water


Interesting Samaritan's Purse video that reflects just what things could be like. Very grateful for clean, safe, potable water!

Cistern Cleaning & Maintenance Information

Cistern Maintenance & Cleaning as per Alberta Health Services

January 2014 Newsletter


For County of Lethbridge updates and information, please visit their website at 

Operations Manager

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Martin Nordstrom is the new LNCPWC Operations Manager. Martin has a repair/maintenance background & used to work for cable companies out in the field doing service work & locates for many years. Martin lives in Coaldale, and looks forward to the challenge of learning a new career & can't wait to meet the members of the LNCPWC. If you require Operations Assistance, please feel free to contact Martin at (403) 380-6918, or email lncpwc.operations@gmail.com


Important Contact Information


Customer Count (as of March 2016)           500

Units Being Used  (as of March 2016)          545

Units Idle (as of March 2016)            203

Rae Lynne Friesen - Administrator     PH (403) 381-4789, 

Email the office at lncpwc@telus.net

Martin Nordstrom - Operations Manager      PH (403) 380-6918

Email Marty at lncpwc.operations@gmail.com

BOARD MEMBERS  (as of April 2014)

Arnie Bergen-Henengouwen - President    PH (403) 308-9140

Rob Boras - Vice President                       PH (403) 330-5373

Bill Hamman - Treasurer                          PH (403) 308-4099

Dirk Vanderkooij - Secretary                  PH (403) 824-3821

Earl Dunn - Director                               PH (403) 381-4773

Larry Peterson - Director                     PH (403) 381-4496

Frans VandeStroet - Director               PH (403) 824-3090

Jack Feenstra - Director                      PH (403) 308-9661

Morris Zeinstra - County Rep              PH (403) 732-4945

Murray Kester - Director                      PH (403) 634-0324

Norm Spencer                                    PH (403) 381-0545

Yes - We are Operational!!

The Picture Butte phase is now complete, and we are now operational in 4 phases...Yay!! We are now ready to service approx. 680 water units, and many of you are hooked up & enjoying the benefits of the potable water service delivered to your homes. The members in Diamond City, Nobleford, Turin, and now Picture Butte are encouraged to contact our Operations Manager, Martin Nordstrom at 403-894-8947 (once your cisterns have been properly hooked up as per Co-op specifications) to receive the emitter service, which will regulate the flow of water to your homes. Please note that your unit costs need to be paid before you can actually use the water service.

NEW UNIT COSTS: Any new members or units that are added at this stage will cost a minimum of $16,500.00 each (as per decision made by the Board on June 25, 2012). This minimum cost is for every additional unit that is added from here on in, regardless of membership status. The cost could be greater than $16,500.00, as the actual cost to hook up a unit will need to be assessed, and the final cost evaluation to be completed once deposits have been received.

SERVICE FEES: The monthly service fees are as follows (as per rates set in July 2013)...members will be invoiced $30.00/month/unit for all idle curb stops. Members will be invoiced $78.00/month/unit for all units that have been properly hooked up to a cistern & will then receive 500 gallons/day/unit. Pre-authorized payments can be set up. Contact the office if you require a form, which needs to be completed & sent back to our office with a VOID cheque. All members set up with pre-authorized payments will have their bills paid on or around the 20th of the month, following the actual date of invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: It is illegal for anyone to use the potable water service without proper authority of the water co-op, or without being officially hooked up as per Co-op specifications. Members caught tampering with the water service, or found to be illegally using or abusing the water service, could face charges & may have their water service/priviledges permanently suspended.